“Through my painting, I urge everyone to observe the rare beauty that surrounds us in this brisk and versatile world full of temptations and high speed. I suggest that everyone could stop for a little while to contemplate the uniqueness and charm of each flower created and offered by nature itself. As it could be too late to do it tomorrow, we’d better to do it today. In fact, only a few moments suffice to discover this discreet and unknown universe that strikes by its greatness and virgin beauty.”

Irina Schönhals manifested talent for painting since childhood. After getting a brilliant higher education in the field of art, she devoted herself to teaching painting and to pursuing her professional research and improvement of various techniques. Finally she became passionate about multilayer painting, once used by the artists of the old Dutch school.

She considers herself their convinced successor. This technique consists in dividing the paint into several steps separated by breaks allowing each layer to dry completely. The flowers on her paintings come alive radiating light and joy by providing a disarming realism that encourages the viewer to touch them. The continuous creation of new works allows Irina to perfect her technique by constant discovering of new facets of multilayer painting.