Born in the Soviet Union, luckily she took regular courses to a famous artist Alexander Shevchenko (1927 – 2003). The courses were given on Sundays and lasted for 2-4 hours. Later she studied art at an artistic school and then graduated from Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute as an Art Teacher. She could study painting, drawing and drafting.

At the same time she was lucky to follow very solid and essential courses in the art teaching. Overall she studied art at school and at university for 12 years. After graduating Irina started to teach art at an art school where she worked untill she moved to Germany in early 1990s. Some years later she began organizing her personal exhibitions in Munich. At this period as well she found her calling as a florist at famous flower shops in Munich, such as at the Giardino Verde Store at Käfer’s house. 

Later Irina started to research and to practice the method of the old artists. She looked around for special literature on this matter, for very rare and old books as well, she tried out expensive and very high quality oil paint. With each new work Irina keeps on learning more and more improving her technique and reviving the forgotten method of old Masters.